Flora Zimmeter

Peripheral Idylls

Seasons, 2002, Color Prints
In double file, 2002, Color Prints

Idylls on the outskirts of town – only peripherally idyllic
Garden figures – decorative objects

This series of photographs explores “culture” as displayed in gardens on the outskirts of Vienna: antique-style female statues, cherubs, animals and garden gnomes are the preferred decorative objects in suburban gardens. The artist sees them as manifestations of the owners’ creative expression and taste.
The users of these gardens try to hide themselves and their objects behind all sorts of fencing and hedges so that nosy passers-by are forced to peep through holes in these “veils” to catch a glimpse of the private idylls. The blurred leaves, slats and chain link mesh which dominate the foreground of the photographs are reminders of this secrecy.

The group of works entitled “Seasonal insights” explores the view passers-by get of these figures in early spring and summer